P90X Workout tool – What Do You absolutely Need to Do the P90X Workout?

What is the required P90X workout equipment? Here’s a minute background information.

Tony Horton, the inventor of the Beach Body P90X workout agenda has put together 12 distinct workouts that can be authentically performed in your home with only a few pieces of equipment. No need for an expensive Bowflex, Total Gym, or Bio Force Tnt that costs thousands of dollars. The P90X can help you perform your fitness or bodybuilding goals.

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These 12 videos take you straight through a 12 week or 90 day agenda to get a lean and ripped body. Believe it or not, it does work!

P90X Workout tool – What Do You absolutely Need to Do the P90X Workout?

All you need to get a great workout is some P90X workout equipment.

Here is what you will need:

* A set of good ability resistance bands

* Chin up bar

* Push up stands or a exquisite push-up

In place of the resistance bands, you can purchase a set of dumbbells. Unfortunately, you will have to buy multiple sets unless you want to be changing plates. You can purchase the Bowflex elect Tech Dumbbells, but they are not cheap!

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells for example offers resistance from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds, and they will run you 9. On the other hand, a set of Bodylastics Terrel Owens resistance bands offer 5 pounds to 249 pounds of resistance. For less than 0 and it has a lifetime defects warranty.

I personally prefer resistance bands, not only because of the lower price, but because they are portable, adaptable and more versatile than the set of dumbbells. If you’re seeing for a good set of resistance bands. I would advise whether the Bodylastics Home Gym or The Golds Gym Resistance Bands. Of the two the Bodylastics offers more options.

In regards to a chin up bar. There are some options here, if you’re seeing for low-cost. You can use the resistance bands to do pull downs, instead of doing chin-ups or pull ups. Or you can purchase a easy doorway chin up bar for nearby , and it will work just as well as the P90X chin-ups bar.

When it comes to push-ups do you authentically need push up stands or a exquisite push-up? The rejoinder is both yes and no. Both of these items will sell out the strain on your wrists and allow you to go deeper in your push-ups on the other hand, you can do push-ups between two chairs and get the same results. Anyone you decree push up stands or exquisite push-up, they’re both uncostly at nearby for whether set.

That’s pretty much the “required” P90X workout equipment, you can also consider a floor mat for doing some of the ab exercises, but it is not essential.

P90X Workout tool – What Do You absolutely Need to Do the P90X Workout?


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